Juggalo Gathering Flavor Added Daily

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As the 18th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos quickly approaches we've been dropping more freshness and info almost daily.

So far we've released the official Map of the DEVISTATING new grounds at the Lost Lakes Amphitheater in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma... Which you can peep out and download right here: http://www.juggalogathering.com/gathering-map

The ultra fresh COMPETITIONS where you can compete against your fellow Juggalos to win some dope and amazing prizes... Peep all those here: http://www.juggalogathering.com/Competitions/

The always bloody and extremly violent JUGGALO CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING EVENTS... That you can peep right here: http://www.juggalogathering.com/JCW-Stage-Lineup/

All the bizarre SIDE SHOWS & FREAK SHOWS... You can find right here: http://www.juggalogathering.com/Side-Shows/

And of course there's always tons and tons of EXTRA FLAVOR... That you can peep out right here: http://www.juggalogathering.com/Other-Flavor/

All of this freshness and more can be yours this July 26th-29th at the Lost Lakes Amphitheater in Oklahoma City, OK. We'll see you there Juggalos!!!

Make sure you keep checking www.JuggaloGathering.com for up to date information as it gets added.

On 5/26 … It’s Shaggy 2 Dope Day!

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On Friday, May 26th, Shaggy 2 Dope’s first solo album in over a decade “F.T.F.O.M.F” will be released nationwide! And if you buy your copy on the release date…YOU COULD WIN A PERSONAL PHONE CALL FROM THE SOUTHWEST STRANGLA HIMSELF!

Here’s what you gotta do…

On Friday, 5/26 post a selfie of you holding your brand fuckin’ new copy of Shaggy’s dope ass new album (seriously, folks, you’re going to LOVE this flavor!) in front of the store you just bought it from. When you post the pic of you holding up the CD on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever, post the caption “Happy Shaggy 2 Dope Album Release Day!” and include the hashtags #2dopeday and #ftfomf

So basically copy and paste this along with your picture:            

Happy Shaggy 2 Dope Album Release Day! #2dopeday #ftfomf

We want those hashtags to trend like crazy and break the fuckin internet faster than pictures of Kim Kardashian’s neden! We want the entire world to know that this is Shaggy’s moment to shine (and once you hear “FTFOMF” in its entirety, you will agree that our friend deserves a chance to shine)! So next Friday, when Shaggy’s album drops in your local Best Buy, FYE, or independent record store that has balls enough to stock Psychopathic product, buy your copy, take a selfie (or have someone take a photo) of you in front of the store you just bought it at, and post the pic on the social media network of your choice and include those two hashtags: #2dopeday #ftfomf

The next day, we will randomly select FIVE winners from the pool of hashtags, and those five lucky ninjas will receive a personal phone call from Shaggy 2 Dope himself!

If you preordered your copy of “FTFOMF” from Hatchet Gear, you can also participate in the contest, but DO NOT POST YOUR PIC UNTIL NEXT FRIDAY, 5/26. Only entries posted on the album release date will count!

If you ordered the album digitally, you can also participate—just have someone take a picture of you holding your phone up or you sitting in front of your laptop playing the album. SCREENSHOTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!! We gotta have YOUR Juggalo face and the album in the same pic…otherwise you get the bone and your entry will NOT count!

The Southwest Strangla, Shaggy 2 Dope, is BACK, baby! And on Friday, 5/26, we let the world know it’s 2 Dope Day!


"What's up with the ticket price on the Carnival of Carnage show?"

A LOT of Juggalos have been asking why tickets to the "Carnival of Carnage" show in August are so high. The reason is quite simple: ICP is performing the first Joker's Card and doing a throwback appearance as Inner City Posse to raise funds for a professionally filmed, high-budgeted documentary on the late John Kickjazz, the third and original founding member of ICP, who passed away two years ago. This is going to be a documentary with high production values and since we intend on making a truly worthy tribute to the late great Third Clown of ICP....it's going to cost mad loot to make this film properly. So THAT's why the ticket price for the "Carnival of Carnage" show is steeper than other ICP shows. The whole evening is to honor the memory of John Kickjazz and to raise funds for this dope ass documentary that will tell the full, untold story about the founding of ICP--featuring stories and knowledge that have NEVER BEEN REVEALED BEFORE! We figure throwing a fresh ass historical concert is a better way to raise funds than doing a GoFund me campaign or some shit. By attending this show, you are contributing to its funding...and you're going to experience an incredible fucking evening that you will never forget! Some tickets for the Carnival of Carnage show are still available at tickets.psychopathicrecords.com We will see you there! WHOOP WHOOP!

Tickets now on sale for THE CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE SHOW!!!



Juggalos, there are some ICP concerts where history was truly made: The first time Faygo was thrown on stage and at the audience. The first times the Clowns performed "Riddle Box," "Milenko" or "Jeckel Brothers" in their entirety for the first time ever. And now another history-making live event is coming on Saturday, August 26 ...  right on Vernor Avenue in Southwest Detroit across from Clark Park--the very nucleus of where ICP began their long, hardworking rise to world domination.

Fam....get ready for the first ever... CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE SHOW! YES! The almighty first Joker's Card will be performed from start to finish at the fresh new venue El Club, which is located smack dab in the area where the Inner City Posse and then the Insane Clown Posse got their start.
Not only will the Wicked Clowns be revisiting the historic wicked shit classic album "Carnival of Carnage," but the opening act is going to flip your fuckin' wig all the way back. So far back it peels off your scalp, leaving your bloody skull fully exposed.
The opening act for the Carnival of Carnage Show is ... INNER CITY POSSE! They'll be bringing back those old school Dog Beats that first made some noise in Detroit Murderous way back at the dawn of the '90s.
I don't have to tell you that night will be one of the most incredible shows ICP has ever put on. But here's the thing: YOU GOTTA GET TIX ASAP BECAUSE YOU KNOW THIS FUCKER IS GOING TO SELL OUT WITH THE QUICKNESS!
Tickets are on sale right fucking now and you can ONLY get them at the website
tickets.psychopathicrecords.com. No ticketing fees!
So get ready to experience TRUE Juggalo family history in the making. THIS IS THE BIG ONE, NINJAS!! WHOOP WHOOP!