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Juggalos and Juggalettes--We appreciate the fuck outta you for standing by patiently as Psychopathic Records' elite team of ninjas has been working day and night to ensure that we hit each and every city originally slated for the Spray the UK tour! Nothing in the world is more important to us than to see each and every one of your painted Juggalo faces--One Worldwide Family United with the Hatchet! We fucking love you, UK Juggalos! The venues might have slammed their doors in our Family's face last fucking minute. The bitch ass airline might have witheld our gear. But no matter what, they COULD NOT stop this! Juggalos ALWAYS prevail! We are finally 110% locked in for all dates of the 2017 Spray the UK Tour, as you see below.

14/11 Newcastle / Riverside / Nepture House Coroners House, Close, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3RQ
15/11 Glasgow / The Garage / 490 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3LW
16/11 Bristol / SWX / 15 Nelson Street, Bristol BS1 2JY
17/11 Birmingham / The Asylum / 38-43 Hampton St, Birmingham B19 3LS
18/11 Birmingham / The Asylum / 38-43 Hampton St, Birmingham B19 3LS
19/11 London / Electric Ballroom / 184 Camden High St, Camden Town, London NW1 8QP
20/11 Sheffield / Corporation / 2 Milton St, Sheffield S1 4JU
21/11 Manchester / Academy 2 / Student Union Hall, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PR

Unfortunately Mushroomhead will not appear in Sheffield or Manchester due to a prior engagement. However all other artists will appear and bring it to you LIVE!

Three major changes:

1. BIRMINGHAM NINJAS--The Birmingham show on the 18th is officially SOLD the fuck OUT! THANK YOU! We're giving you a second show on Friday the 17th! Tickets for the Birmingham show on 17/11 are available at http://tinyurl.com/y7qajwsd. And, as already noted, if you're heading to the show on the 18th, note that any tickets from the O2 club must be refunded at your point of purchase. We'll see you for back to back nights at the Asylum!!!

2. SHEFFIELD NINJAS--Thank you all for your patience today. As promised, we WILL be hitting Sheffield at the Corporation club on Monday, 20/11! Purchase tickets for this show at: https://tinyurl.com/y8m3w64s. Remember all Leeds tickets must be refunded at your point of purchase. Thank you all! We'll see you on Monday 20/11 at Corporation!

3. MANCHESTER NINJAS--We will no longer be playing on the 17th due to the venue giving our Family the total bone. But we will see you on 21/11 at our new venue: Academy 2, in the University of Manchester Student Union Hall Building, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PR! Tickets for the cancelled Manchester 17th show will NOT be honored at the door, and will need to be refunded at point of sale and repurchased, starting Wednesday at 10am, at www.myticket.co.uk. So go ahead and cop your refund, pick up your new ticket, and we'll see you on the 21st in Manchester!!! From the bottom of our Juggalo Souls, we send you mad love, karma, and our deepest apologies for any bones!

SO THAT'S EVERYTHING, JUGGALOS! Recap: New Birmingham show on the 17th, new Sheffield show on the 20th, and last but not least, Manchester is now on the 21st! New tickets for the 17th Birmingham show are now available! Tickets for the 21st Manchester show are available on Wednesda! And, as noted previously, tickets for the original O2 Leeds/Sheffield shows, O2 18th Birmingham show, and O2 Manchester show will need to be refunded and repurchased at the provided links.

THANK YOU JUGGALO FAMILY FOR UNDERSTANDING AND FOR ALL YOUR CLOWN LOVE! WE LIVE FOR YOU, WE BLEED FOR YOU, WE CAN'T FUCKING WAIT TO SEE YOU! The circus is coming to town, no matter what! They couldn't shut us down. So prepare yourself! It's officially on! The 2017 Insane Clown Posse Spray the UK tour! Whoop whoop!


UK JUGGALO FAMILY--What the fuck!

Tonights 13/11 Sheffield date, originally scheduled for Leeds, is CANCELLED, due to our Family getting the total bone. This was completely out of our hands.

But there's good news: We hope to move the show 20/11, a week from today!!!! We will let you know ASAP when that is confirmed. Believe us, Juggalos--We WILL bring you the greatest show on earth Monday 20/11 at the Corporation club in Sheffield if at all possible. We will let you know when that is confirmed!

The behind the scenes drama? We came into town 3 days early, and the airline STILL hasn't delivered our tour gear. WTF!!! It's now found and on its way 100%.

We can't thank you enough for your patience as yet another bump in the road has risen up in our path. BUT THE HATCHETMAN WILL CHOP AND WE WON'T STOP!

If you planned on coming out to today's show, PLEASE stay tuned for a new date. You have our word that we will do everything in our power to make this up to you ninjas.


venue change daily SHEFFIELD


tour poster venue changes DOWNSIZE


UK Juggalos and Juggalettes--After almost a year of planning, the powers that be have decided that our Family is not welcome in ANY Academy Music Group venues. The plug has been pulled LAST FUCKING MINUTE on our originally lined up venues. We're honestly used to getting the door slammed in our face at this point...BUT WE SAY FUCK THAT, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

We've lined up ALL-NEW AND IMPROVED VENUES, as listed below.

13/11  Sheffield / Corporation / 2 Milton St, Sheffield S1 4JU
14/11  Newcastle / Riverside /  Nepture House Coroners House, Close, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3RQ
15/11  Glasgow / The Garage / 490 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3LW
16/11  Bristol / SWX / 15 Nelson Street, Bristol BS1 2JY
17/11  Manchester / TBA (Forthcoming)
18/11  Birmingham / The Asylum / 38-43 Hampton St, Birmingham B19 3LS
19/11  London / Electric Ballroom / 184 Camden High St, Camden Town, London NW1 8QP

All tickets will be honored at the door of the new venues, except for at the LEEDS/SHEFFIELD SHOW ON NOVEMBER 13th and the BIRMINGHAM show on 18/11.

LEEDS/SHEFFIELD: The 13/11 show is now in Sheffield,Ninjas! You will need refund your ticket at your point of purchase, and then buy a new ticket either at the venue box office OR online at http://www.corporation.org.uk/gig/2200/Insane+Clown+Posse+at+Corporation+on+13+November+2017. Old tickets will not be honored at the door. Thank you so much for your patience as we work through this unforeseeable bone. We appreciate you and promise you the greatest show on earth!!!

BIRMINGHAM NINJAS: You will need refund your ticket at your point of purchase, and then buy a new ticket online at a link TO BE ANNOUNCED MONDAY. Again, Old tickets for Birmingham will not be honored at the door.

All other ninjas: Just show up at the new venue with your ticket, and you will be good to go!

Manchester Ninjas: The new venue will be announced VERY soon!

We love you Juggalos! We WILL be playing in the UK and are putting in mad work to bring you the greatest show under the big top.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our killer carnie hearts for helping us in this transition and for keeping the wicked shit alive, worldwide! We will chop any obstacle down with lethal force and keep runnin like the muthafuckin' hatchetman! Much clown love, see you in the UK, and the Wicked Clowns Will Never DIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!


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BLAAAAAAM! Insane Clown Posse is in full effect with an all out explosion! We are just days away from the all-out madness of INSANE CLOWN POSSE'S massive SPRAY THE UK TOUR! Oh you didn't know? We bringin along our very special guests Mushroomhead, the Psychopathic Monstar Lyte, Big Muthafuckin Hoodoo, that Hatchet's own enigmatic flowmaster of the dark arts Ouija Macc, and UK metal monsters Death Blooms. The UK Juggalo Fam is representin worldwide. Hatchets up! Who's ready?




You have been warned. The Dawn of a New Era rises up from the forbidden realm of the Dark Carnival. The Juggalo Family heeds a mighty call as a new card is dealt and unleashed upon the unsuspecting and unprepared, ascending to the physical earth from the almighty Dark Carnival. The saga will live on...The Juggalo Family Will Never Die! Juggalos and Juggalettes Worldwide: Presenting to you the monumental 4th Joker's Card of the 2nd deck. Within plumes of toxic fumes...brewing from the depths of the Carnival grounds amidst harmonious sounds...Animals, Freaks, and Clowns BEWARE! “Fearless” Fred Fury aka “Red Fred” and his untrusty little friend Flip The Rat draw near. BEWARE...NO ONE IS SAFE!


The Beam of Seventeen keeps on shining with that extra gleam!

Step into the ring and prepare to face the champions of the underground as we hit em with a one-two knockout punch in the latest and greatest PSYCHOPATHIC RECORDS PSYPHER, featuring ICP, Hoodoo, Lyte, Clay, Carlito, Legz Diamond, and the Whole Crew! Including the brand new debut of the latest and greatest hatchetman with a plan...Juggalos and Juggalettes...welcome the latest addition to the Psychopathic Records team...OUIJA MACC!


PEEP the flavor here, and enjoy the one-two punch from the dons of the underground. It's the JUGGALO LOVE PSYPHER: