The New Psypher "If We Were A Gang" Now LIVE on YouTube!

In the year where the Juggalo Family collectively strikes back via the Juggalo March on Washington (September 16, 2017) against the law enforcement agencies that have oppressed and discriminated against them for years by considering them a "Gang,", the Psychopathic Records roster is gearing up for the march with their fresh new Psypher titled "If We Were A Gang." This one is dedicated to the FBI and other misguided law enforcement agencies who would consider the kind of music a person would listen to to be grounds for inclusion into a gang database. FIGHT THE POWERS THAT BE! Chuck D couldn't say it any better!

View "If We Were A Gang" on the Psychopathic Records YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUgSiCUog38&t=3s