"What's up with the ticket price on the Carnival of Carnage show?"

A LOT of Juggalos have been asking why tickets to the "Carnival of Carnage" show in August are so high. The reason is quite simple: ICP is performing the first Joker's Card and doing a throwback appearance as Inner City Posse to raise funds for a professionally filmed, high-budgeted documentary on the late John Kickjazz, the third and original founding member of ICP, who passed away two years ago. This is going to be a documentary with high production values and since we intend on making a truly worthy tribute to the late great Third Clown of ICP....it's going to cost mad loot to make this film properly. So THAT's why the ticket price for the "Carnival of Carnage" show is steeper than other ICP shows. The whole evening is to honor the memory of John Kickjazz and to raise funds for this dope ass documentary that will tell the full, untold story about the founding of ICP--featuring stories and knowledge that have NEVER BEEN REVEALED BEFORE! We figure throwing a fresh ass historical concert is a better way to raise funds than doing a GoFund me campaign or some shit. By attending this show, you are contributing to its funding...and you're going to experience an incredible fucking evening that you will never forget! Some tickets for the Carnival of Carnage show are still available at tickets.psychopathicrecords.com We will see you there! WHOOP WHOOP!

Tickets now on sale for THE CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE SHOW!!!



Juggalos, there are some ICP concerts where history was truly made: The first time Faygo was thrown on stage and at the audience. The first times the Clowns performed "Riddle Box," "Milenko" or "Jeckel Brothers" in their entirety for the first time ever. And now another history-making live event is coming on Saturday, August 26 ...  right on Vernor Avenue in Southwest Detroit across from Clark Park--the very nucleus of where ICP began their long, hardworking rise to world domination.

Fam....get ready for the first ever... CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE SHOW! YES! The almighty first Joker's Card will be performed from start to finish at the fresh new venue El Club, which is located smack dab in the area where the Inner City Posse and then the Insane Clown Posse got their start.
Not only will the Wicked Clowns be revisiting the historic wicked shit classic album "Carnival of Carnage," but the opening act is going to flip your fuckin' wig all the way back. So far back it peels off your scalp, leaving your bloody skull fully exposed.
The opening act for the Carnival of Carnage Show is ... INNER CITY POSSE! They'll be bringing back those old school Dog Beats that first made some noise in Detroit Murderous way back at the dawn of the '90s.
I don't have to tell you that night will be one of the most incredible shows ICP has ever put on. But here's the thing: YOU GOTTA GET TIX ASAP BECAUSE YOU KNOW THIS FUCKER IS GOING TO SELL OUT WITH THE QUICKNESS!
Tickets are on sale right fucking now and you can ONLY get them at the website
tickets.psychopathicrecords.com. No ticketing fees!
So get ready to experience TRUE Juggalo family history in the making. THIS IS THE BIG ONE, NINJAS!! WHOOP WHOOP!

DCG CON 2017: Thank you Juggalos and Juggalettes!


DCG'in! Seventeenin'! On behalf of Psychopathic Records and Ninjas in Action Inc., a big shout out to everyone who came out and had a hella fresh time at the first ever Dark Carnival Games Con 4/21-4/23 at Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens, MI: For Juggalos, By Juggalos! The event was a huge success! Everyone in attendance schooled it and gained mad karma, and one Juggalo in particular put it best when he said: "This was the shit because we weren't just staring at a stage the whole time: We were looking at each other." That's the shit! Play on, playas! Game on, nerdie ninjas! The Family is in full effect! Shout out to all the Juggalo staff who worked tirelessly to put this event together. To all the photographers, artists, and game masters. To our wonderful volunteer ninjas. The art contest ninjas. The costume contest ninjas. The Morton's List crew. The Reno Rydaz. The game show hosts. ICP and the entire Psychopathic Records roster. And EVERYONE who worked together to raise the magic of the Dark Carnival over three sweet days of Shangri-La style maxin and relaxin. From Beverly Kills on down to the carnival grounds of the Terror Wheel, far and wide, it's the Heaven's Beam of Seventeen, shining bright! Big shout out to our tournament winners--the 2017 Dark Carnival Games WORLD CHAMPIONS, true masters of their craft and ultimate playa playas. 2 Whoops to you for a flawless, epic victory. May your shine beam forth endlessly as you bask in the glory and reign supreme! The Dark Carnival Rises...Whoop Whoop!

 Stay tuned for announcments on next years DCG CON!  Until then game on motherfacko!