JuggaloMarch.com Is Now Live!

www.juggalomarch.com is now LIVE and counting down to the Juggalo March on Washington, D.C., which goes down at the National Mall at noon in our nation's capital on Saturday, September 16, 2017! ARE you going to be there and show the world that Juggalos are a family and not a gang?! Are you going to be there to stand in solidarity with your fellow Los and Lettes as we bring our message of unity to the national scale? Visit www.juggalomarch.com and start making plans NOW to attend what is unarguably the biggest and most important move in Juggalo history.

JuggaloMarch.com Is Now Live!


Psychopathic Records welcomes Lyte to the family!


With the launch of the Year of the Juggalo, we are proud to announce that our homie Lyte (formerly known as Young Lyte) is now an official member of the Psychopathic roster! Already well known in the Juggalo world for his fierce lyrical and rhyming skills, Lyte will be dropping his debut album on Psychopathic within the next few months, bringing a whole new level of flavor to the Hatchet! Welcome to the family, Lyte!


Download the FREE new Song from the Psychopathic Family, "Hurricane of Diamonds"

The entire Psychopathic Records family -- ICP, ABK, Big Hoodoo, Blahzay Roze, DJ Clay, and our newest artst, Lyte--have a special New Year's gift for our Juggalo family to welcome all of you to The Year of the Juggalo. Download this brand-fuckin'-new track from the WHOLE ROSTER, "Hurricane of Diamonds," as Psychopathic's official "Happy New Year" greeting to our Juggalo brothers and sisters! Whoop whoop!

Tickets for the Rude Boy Benefit Show On Sale Now!

As many of you may know, ICP’s longtime friend, homie, and JCW wrestling icon the Rude Boy recently underwent triple bypass heart surgery. He’s in a lot of pain and suffering but is taking it day by day and is definitely on the road to recovery. However, as anyone who has ever had to endure the staleness of staying in a hospital for several days can tell you,

THAT SHIT IS EXPENSIVE! And that’s why on February 24 at the Majestic, ICP will be presenting The Rude Boy Benefit Show WITH ALL PROCEEDS BEING DONATED TO HELP PAY FOR RUDE BOY’S MEDICAL EXPENSES AND HELP HIM CONTINUE TO PROVIDE FOR HIS FAMILY WHILE HE IS UNABLE TO WORK. This is the only show where you’ll able to see both Violent J and Shaggy do full separate sets at the same place. There will be several special guest performers including Zug Izland, DJ Clay and a full JCW show as well. Tickets for this very special and emotional show can be purchased here: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?eventId=7077675&pl=majestic&dispatch=loadSelectionData

Game Masters Wanted for the Dark Carnival Games Con

As the Dark Carnival Games Con (DCG Con) approaches like rolling thunder, get ready for your wig to start inch-worming around on your skull piece like a slinky, when the website (www.dcgcon.com) launches on January 6th at 9pm! This site will fully detail all the flavor of this 3-day ultimate gaming experience, where you will be able to enjoy countless games to play and challenging tournaments to compete in…But what about if you want to host a gaming event of your own? Well, that’s one of the dopest things about the DCG Con, because along with the numerous sanctioned Psychopathic events, there has been plenty of space set aside for any ninja to host their own gaming event (anything from D&D to Monopoly)! All you need to do is send an email to info@dcgcon.com with your name, phone number, and a brief description of the event you want to host. Someone will then call you to discuss everything in more detail. If your idea is selected to become an official event at DCG Con, then it will be included in the program and website, along with a brief description written by you. What are you waiting for?!? You can host your very own event and make this con even more epic then it’s already going to be! Whoop Whoop!

ICP's "A Carnival Christmas" vinyl available everywhere!

Happy motherfuckin Hatchet Holidays, fam! After languishing for years in "out of print" status, the ORIGINAL, OG version of ICP's classic EP "A Carnival Christmas" is now available on 7" red vinyl at record stores everywhere, as well as on Hatchet Gear and Amazon! First released in 1994 only in the Metro Detroit area, this four track Yuletide celebration of the Wicked Shit has NEVER before had a national release. Island released a CD single of two songs back in the Milenko days but this is the WHOLE, original album as Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope originally intended. At only $10, this is THE holiday gift for that special Lo or Lette in your life! Pick up your copy today and remember...Juggalo-lo-los before Juggaho-ho-hos! WHUT!

Order from Hatchet Gear here: http://www.hatchetgear.com/carnival-christmas-ep-7-vinyl