The free concert scheduled to follow the Juggalo March in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, September 16, 2017 will not happen at its originally scheduled venue due to the venue changing its mind about booking ICP, possibly due to pressure from law enforcement agencies.  It is Psychopathic Records' full intent that a free concert will still take place following the Juggalo March, which is scheduled for noon in the National Mall.

Today, Psychopathic Records released this statement concerning the unwarranted cancellation of the concert:

“Despite months of having dates helds at a venue near D.C., the facility has revoked the dates reserved by Psychopathic Records last July to hold the free Juggalo March concert.. When Psychopathic attempted to schedule the concert on a different date, they were flatly told that they would NEVER be allowed to book a show at the venue on any date, presumably due to unwarrented fears of Juggalos. This decisionis telling thousands and thousands of people that they are not welcome in their community simply because they identify as Juggalos, which is a music-based subculture and nothing more. And this PRECISELY reflects the purpose of the Juggalo March – to call attention to the kind of casual discrimination, profiling, and bigotry that Juggalos face every day throughout these United States. This is why we are marching and also why we are calling upon fellow music artists, social activists, and public servants to join us at the March – because the basic civil liberties of thousands of taxpaying American citizens are being abused…simply because they listen to a certain type of music. To our Juggalo brothers and sisters, rest assured we are looking into all options to ensure a free concert following the Juggalo March on September 16 goes on as planned. Stay strong and remember…we are family, NOT a gang or public menace and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!”

DCG Con Merch now online


DCG Con merchandise now available at http://tickets.dcgcon.com  Grab it up before it's gone!!!  Custom artwork by Tom Wood.  Hat's, Zip Up Hoodies and T-shirts will get you geared up for the DCG Con and your chance to show up Jumpsteady with your fresh game, in this fresh gear. 

The New Psypher "If We Were A Gang" Now LIVE on YouTube!

In the year where the Juggalo Family collectively strikes back via the Juggalo March on Washington (September 16, 2017) against the law enforcement agencies that have oppressed and discriminated against them for years by considering them a "Gang,", the Psychopathic Records roster is gearing up for the march with their fresh new Psypher titled "If We Were A Gang." This one is dedicated to the FBI and other misguided law enforcement agencies who would consider the kind of music a person would listen to to be grounds for inclusion into a gang database. FIGHT THE POWERS THAT BE! Chuck D couldn't say it any better!

View "If We Were A Gang" on the Psychopathic Records YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUgSiCUog38&t=3s

ICP back catalog titles return to Spotify and iTunes!

BACK AT LAST!! A whole bunch of ICP's back catalog is FINALLY back on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other digital sites! All of the following Juggalo classics are now available for streaming on Spotify!

Carnival of Carnage: https://open.spotify.com/album/6NK27l0MYTxek8r4s4sX3C

Beverly Kills 50187: https://open.spotify.com/album/3DMP3aF7fPhc18vVmlCaJ6

Into the Echoside: Oracle of the Three Rings Expansion Coming This Summer

cover oracle2As the epic battle continues, the demonic horde of the Nethervoid has begun to pour forth into the mortal realm, causing the divine light of Shangri-La to dim under the corrupting presence of this ancient evil unleashed upon our world. As all hope fades and life turns to dust, you embark on a final quest to the very underbelly of the Dark Carnival to seek out the one who’s forbidden power could be either the key to turning the tide…or your own utter demise!

Designed by Jumpsteady and Louis Simpson, with art created by the legendary Tom Wood, this highly anticipated expansion for Into the Echoside, the deckbuilding game, includes 120 devastating new cards! Along with new Dark Carnival, Psychopathic, Underground, Item, Fiend, Epic, and Flavor cards, there will also be the inclusion of the all-new Tarot and Gambit cards! As if that weren’t enough, this expansion will also come with a rule book, 2 custom 12-sided dice, and 4 numbered wheels to help you keep track of your Karma.

Make sure to stay updated at www.intotheechoside.com and to find out more.

Also, if you want to get a firsthand look at the incredible artwork in store for this expansion, then make sure to attend the Dark Carnival Games Con (www.dcgcon.com) April 21-23 at the Gibraltar Trade Center in Mount Clemens, MI, where Tom Wood himself will be debuting some of the dope Oracle of the Three Rings artwork! Whoop whoop!

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