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ICP Goes Shopping At L.A.'s Famous Amoeba Music!

When we were in L.A. on last fall's ShockFest tour, we stopped off at the legendary indie record store Amoeba Music and went shopping. What kind of flavor did we find? CHECK IT OUT!


Wanted: Knowledgable, Charismatic Juggalette For Upcoming ICP Project!

Are you a Juggalette who is articulate, quick-witted, comfortable being interviewed on camera, and fully schooled in the Dark Carnival universe? If so, you may be JUST what we’re looking for! We’re casting for a Juggalette personality for an upcoming ICP project and if you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you!

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Must live in the Metro Detroit area or close to it. Please no one outside of a 100 mile radius!

2. You must be well-spoken and verbally sharp.

3. To apply, please email a headshot and a 30 – 60 second introductory video, introducing yourself and why you would be a good fit for this project. We’re looking for charisma, brains, and especially articulation and personality. Email your audition to psychocasting@gmail.com along with your name, age, and what city/town you live in.

Deadline: February 1, 2015

2015 Gathering of the Juggalos Website to Launch on Monday, February 2!

The 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos will be held from July 22 - 25 in Legend Valley, Ohio! The NEW Gathering website AND ticket sales will be going live on Monday, February 2!

Also...those ninjas who buy Big Ballas passes will be let in a full day early to get their campsite set up! If you buy a Ballas pass, you can enter Legend Valley at 6 p.m. on July 21! More flavor and details will be released over the next few weeks. Get ready, Fam!